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New at Valley Center Veterinary Clinic: Essential Oils

We are excited to announce the arrival of essential oils to our hospital!  Our goal is to provide the very best care for your beloved pets, and we feel that this natural, yet powerful treatment option will be an extremely positive addition to managing various conditions and illnesses.  We have done extensive research and have selected the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils to prescribe for your canine and feline companions.  Essential oils may be used as a first-line treatment for some conditions, or may be used in combination with traditional prescription medication in order to give your pet the highest chance of success to become well.


At this time, we are equipped to use essential oils as a natural way to help with:

  • Gastro-intestinal problems (pancreatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, hairballs, appetite stimulant, constipation, gastric ulcers, recurrent parasitic infections)
  • Stress/anxiety (including car sickness, loud noises, separation, travel, excessive licking)
  • Allergies
  • Urinating outside of the litterbox
  • Arthritis and pain control
  • Asthma/Bronchitis/Upper respiratory infections
  • Bladder conditions
  • Cancer
  • Fleas/Ticks/Mosquitoes
  • Seizures
  • Fungal or bacterial infections
  • More to come!

Please do not use essential oils on your pets without the guidance of a veterinarian that is familiar with them, as some can actually be toxic if improperly used.  We have studied and gathered the most current information in order to learn the safest way to administer essential oils to your pets.  If you are interested in consulting with one of our trained veterinarians in regards to using essential oils in your cat or dog, please call and make an appointment today (760) 749-0560.



Please come right over in the event of a pet emergency. Our technicians will assess the nature of the emergency and determine if we can initiate treatment or transfer to a 24 hour medical facility. We can treat the vast majority of emergency cases on-site.

With advance notice, we can schedule convenient appointments at your home. We can take the hastle out of the experience by performing pet examinations on your property. This exceptional service was created to assist the elderly with large breed older dogs, owners with very scared cats.

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