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Up until just recently, people did not have a local veterinarian available to assist them with their exotic pet care. All the turtles, hampsters and bearded dragons would have to be seen in Escondido, a 30 minute commute from Valley Center, over the grade.

Our exotic pets including iguanas, birds, rats and bunnies all have unique medical and surgical needs. Their nutrition and physiology are complex. They are very vulnerable to their environment therefore proper husbandry practices are key to their health. It is imperative your veterinarian has experience treating these pets when they need veterinary care. From beak and nail trimming in amazons – to spaying and neutering rabbits – to mammary tumor removal in rats – we can help you here at Valley Center Veterinary Clinic.

Our exotic vet, Dr. Brian Mendez, has extensive experience treating these species. He obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland and he worked with livestock, wildlife and exotic pets. When the company Petco needs veterinary care for their exotic species in their stores, they call Dr. Mendez. He not only offers exotic pet medical and surgical care, but also dental and preventative care as well.

Please contact us to schedule your next visit for your exotic pet friend. Come where they will be understood, and properly cared for by people with compassion and experience.

Please come right over in the event of a pet emergency. Our technicians will assess the nature of the emergency and determine if we can initiate treatment or transfer to a 24 hour medical facility. We can treat the vast majority of emergency cases on-site.

With advance notice, we can schedule convenient appointments at your home. We can take the hastle out of the experience by performing pet examinations on your property. This exceptional service was created to assist the elderly with large breed older dogs, owners with very scared cats.

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Thank You Dr. Clarke

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Gary and Marsha Pay

You Can Feel the Difference

You can feel the kind and caring attitude of the staff the minute you walk into the clinic.  Dr. Clarke gives 110% every day, is a great veterinarian, listener, educator and always offers f…Read More

Jo Roman

Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else

Norah and I met Dr. Natasha Clarke some years ago when we followed Dr. Amy Ito from Temecula to Valley Center Vet Clinic.  We so trusted Dr. Ito that we would not take our beloved Golden R…Read More

Norah & Ira

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