Here at Valley Center Veterinary Clinic, we understand that the trip over here can be quite stressful for your cat. The first challenge is trying to get your cat in the carrier, and then there is the car ride to the practice!  According to the AAFP and Bayer, 58% of cat owners report that their cat hates going to the veterinarian and 38% report they get stressed just thinking about bringing their cat to the practice.

Our vet clinic’s response to this problem has been tackled by the Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) model which gives both hospitals and owners the tools needed to take the stress out of the trip to the dreaded “cat doctor.” When Valley Center Veterinary Clinic became a designated CFP, we demonstrated that we took the necessary steps to assure we understand a cat’s unique needs by implementing cat-friendly standards.

We use calming pheromones in the exam rooms, have a separate cat-room only, and our cats are hospitalized in their own separate cat clinic ward, away from barking dogs. Our staff have also been trained in cat-friendly handling practices to increase the quality of care for our client’s furry friends. Cats require quiet environments, places to hide and jump, and also have special medical needs that make them very different from dogs. They do not like being far from home and placed in new strange environments, so we cater to all these needs by maintaining our CFP status here at Valley Center Veterinary Clinic.

Much of the work is done in the exam room so as not to stress them once they are here, including injections, nail trims or blood draws. We leave them covered under a towel if they feel safer that way, and our towels are sprayed with pheromone infused towels to reduce stress. 

Many cat owners never take their cats to the vet, but cats need medical attention, vaccines, and regular checkups. They are an extended part of your family. Please do not hesitate to take your cat in to see us at our veterinary clinic so that we can keep your kitty at optimal health!

For additional information compiled by veterinarians for your cat, please visit the website or click here.