Non-anesthetic dental cleaning for pets, otherwise known as NADS, is an approach to teeth cleaning that avoids anesthesia and may use light sedation instead. Pets have their teeth scaled and polished while awake, making it safer for your pup and less costly for you. Your pet must be first be examined by the veterinarian to determine if your pet qualifies for a non-anesthetic cleaning. If you are not engaging in proper dog dental care for your canine friend, your pet could develop harmful plaque buildup which could lead to complications and extraction down the road. Valley Center Vet Clinic wants to prevent this with regular non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs.

Advantages of NADS:

  • No anesthesia gas used
  • More affordable
  • Ideal for high-risk pets who cannot undergo anesthesia
  • Regular cleaning prevents further complications and serious disease down the road

Disadvantages of NADS:

  • Can not perform full oral exam
  • Can not clean below the gum line (where much disease is found)
  • Only friendly (non-biting) pets are considered
  • Requires more repeat cleanings (every 3 months)
  • Can not extract loose or broken teeth