Veterinary acupuncture is a healing art and science. It’s birth was over 4500 years ago. It is based on the ancient theories of traditional Chinese medicine which views each animal as a unique energetic being and holistically enables the body to repair itself.

Traditionally, tiny metallic needles are inserted into acupuncture “points” that are strategically placed in parts of the body to treat certain ailments and promote balance. Acupuncture improves tissue blood flow, oxygenation, and removal of metabolic wastes and toxins.

The American Veterinary Medical Association states: “Veterinary acupuncture is considered an integral part of veterinary medicine. These techniques should be regarded as surgical and/or medical procedures under state veterinary practice acts. It is recommended that educational programs be undertaken by veterinarians before they are considered to practice veterinary acupuncture.”

Dr. Elizabeth Benson has studied and trained at the Chinese Institute in Florida in order to provide this valuable service to our Valley Center clients. Here, both Western and Eastern medicine compliment each other so as to offer your pet a complete, wholesome approach to well-being and healing.

Common Conditions treated with Acupuncture: drbimage

  • Orthopedic disease
  • Arthritis/mobility issues
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Hearing loss
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma