Meet an extraordinary Pet Stylist from North County!

Mary has 21 years of experience in private salon settings. Always up to date with the latest styles, pet trends and the scoop on what’s in your pets kibble, Mary has worked with an innovative pet shampoo company, consulted on pet salon builds, groomed pets in unique styles used in commercial advertising, and even has a viral video with half a million views on the DODO, a media organization dedicated to the well being of pets in rescue.
“Grooming is my life calling. I am a rescue dog groomer. Saying I love pets is not enough, I have volunteered  for two years at a major grooming convention (world family pet expo) in Costa Mesa, CA and groomed shelter dogs from 12 different Orange county rescues. Volunteer work is very close to my heart. I make friends with every pet I meet and as a custodian to their introduction back into home life and routine, I would be a top pick for a new puppy or a pet who has seen the hard road. You can ask me anything, I love helping pet parents”.
Mary also has a background in show grooming, which includes All Breed Standards, hand stripping and banding to preserve coats. Specialty clips and modified clips are absolutely something you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for.
Wait till you see her Bedlington trim.
Did we mention she grooms cats?
Book your appointment today and see your pet light up with a fresh style.
We do all breeds, all sizes and all temperaments. Look no further, this is the groomer you would be referred to.