We make vaccines more affordable during the 4th Saturday of every month just for you! Come between 12-2pm to enjoy these savings. Our veterinary clinic believes that pet vaccinations are an important part of keeping your four-legged family member safe and healthy. We do our part to make sure all families have access to this essential and lifesaving practice regardless of income level.

Low-Cost Microchips For Pets

Not only do we offer affordable vaccinations for pets, but we also periodically discount microchips to help a lost pet be returned home. “Home Again” animal microchips are also discounted so as to ensure the safe return of your lost pet. Home Again pet microchips are invaluable in Valley Center, especially during fire season. Just think back to the 2007 fires we experienced here; many pets were lost or displaced. As a result, our resident veterinarian, Dr. Clarke, reduces microchip prices every August, as well as during our vaccine clinics. You only pay for the registration of the chip – not the office visit or the injection. We proudly stand behind this service which we believe saves lives.

We have been known to microchip everything from horses to emus, so no animal is too exotic or too unusual to microchip. These animals are part of your family, and getting them returned safely to the rightful owner is our number one priority should they get out. Remember, microchipping also provides insurance to your pet in the event of an injury while lost. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!


Vaccine Clinic Prices:

  • Rabies – $11
  • DHPP – $18
  • Bordetella – $14
  • Lyma  – $25
  • Rattlesnake _ $25
  • Feline Leukemia – $30
  • FVRP –  $18
  • Microchip – $30