Whether you have recently adopted a pet or if your are considering adopting one, one of the most important health decisions you will have to make is to spay or neuter your cat or dog. If you decide to spay or neuter your pet, discuss options with your Valley Center vet so you can become better informed. If you feel a spay or neuter will only serve to prevent unwanted offspring, there is more you need to know. Just take a look at all the right reasons you want to have your cat or dog spayed or neutered.

Spaying your female pet will help prevent both uterine infections and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal in about half of all cases with dogs and 90 percent fatal in cats. Spaying your pet before their first heat is the best protection you can offer.

If done before six months of age, neutering helps prevent testicular cancer in your male pets. In addition, an intact male where travel just about anywhere to discover a suitable mate, which means he may very well run away. Keep your dog from digging a hole under the fence and escaping by having him neutered.

Contrary to popular belief, spaying or neutering will not make your cat or dog obese. There are two main factors that add weight to your pets, overfeeding and lack of exercise. Even after a spay or neuter, your pet will remain at an optimal weight as long as you ensure proper feeding and encourage plenty of exercise.

If you have any questions concerning spays or neuters, feel free to contact us.