I Trust No Other

For a number of years Dr. Natasha Clarke has been and continues to provide the highest possible medical care and treatment to all members of the Willowind Lhasa Apso family. There is no other veterinarian in the state of California I would trust more than Dr. Clarke with health and care issues of my Lhasa’s. She is just as concerned about their treatment, recovery and welfare as I am. Dr. Clarke explains every condition, issue, illness and treatment plan in great detail in words and examples a non veterinarian can understand. She genuinely cares about your animal well being and their quality of life. Dr. Clarke is honest and up front with you and does not hesitate when a specialty issue occurs to recommend and refer your animal to a specialist. She calls and emails to check on their condition and helps you through your concerns. Dr. Clarke not only treats their symptoms, she determine the root cause in order to improve their quality of life. I have every confidence my Lhasa Apsos always receive the highest and best medical care available anywhere from Dr. Clarke. Every member of Dr. Clarke’s staff is always very polite, professional and helpful. Everyone listens and takes your questions and concerns seriously. Dr. Clarke and her staff have a five star rating in my book. Without hesitation I can state Dr. Clarke and her staff will provide the best medical care and treatment your animal could receive anywhere. With complete confidence I highly recommend Dr. Clarke as your primary Veterinarian.

Ken Groover