In response to the new COVID-19 pandemic, our clients are asked to call us once they park in our driveway.  A technician wearing protective attire will come to your car and obtain a full history on your pet. Once your pet is in the hospital, the doctor or technician will update you on your pet’s condition and the recommended care plan. Dropping off your pet for tests and procedures is also possible.

This is to protect both clients and staff while providing needed medical care for your pets. Effective immediately, we are:

  • checking patients in and out from your car
  • keeping clients out of our exam rooms and lobby nearly 100% of the time,
  • asking you to hold off on annual wellness checkups for healthy adult pets
  • increasing our cleaning and sanitizing protocols within the hospital

We can still provide prescription refills, communicate by phone and email about any questions you may have. Feel free to call the hospital at 760-749-0560.