There is a common misconception that cats are quite able to take care of themselves, they are taken to your Valley Center veterinarian far less frequently than dogs. In fact half as often according to statistics. But like all other pets, cats require ongoing vet care to help ensure happy and healthy lives. Regular checkups for cats are critical as cats go out of their way to hide signs of illness. Here is a list of changes that may indicate your cat is not feeling well.

All too often, when a cat urinates outside their litter box, owners think it is a behavioral problem. But medical conditions should first be ruled out. Failing to use the litter box can be a sign your cat is suffering a bowel disease, kidney disease or even arthritis. Once medical issues have been taken care of, you can then address litter box problems that may be associated with behavior issues.

If your cat suddenly has very little or no desire for your attention, it might be due to a medical condition. For a cat who may be docile normally, aggression or irritability towards you are other animals could be a sign of pain or discomfort.

Decreased activity can also be the result of a medical condition that results in discomfort or pain. As you cat ages, conditions like arthritis develop and cause them to be less playful and active.

Changes in food or water consumption are also signs that something with your cat just isn’t right. If your cat’s eating habits have changes, you need to look into the cause.

If you think your cat could be suffering a medical condition, give us a call.